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Gravity Is Now Friends Only

Due to circumstances brought on by my sudden fame (stop laughing) Gravity is now Friends Only/Semi Locked. Consider me classified. (and anything you may have heard about me are lies. LIES!!!)

Certain posts, such as fanfiction, may be posted on the public filter. Everything else will remain locked.

If you're here primarily for the graphics, may I redirect to my graphics journal gravityeyecons However, if you are willing to brave a heaping dose of me as well as graphics, comment/friend away. Namaste.

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50 Movies in 2009

Yeah, I know it's usually 100 but I really don't watch that many movies. So I will do something new-ish. :P Now I have to go to the library.

Movies I Haven't Seen Before are in standard font weight.
Movies I'm Re-Watching in Italics.
Movies Yet To Be Released are underlined.
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We will never forget.

One last thing regarding ex-Prez Bush.

Listening to President Obama make his speeches yesterday, I noticed the recurring motif of phrases like, "let's try to forget the past 8 years," and "let's put yesterday behind us," and "that was then, this is now." Mr. President, I CAN'T forget. I WON'T forget. If you ask any person or any group of people to forget any atrocity or incident that has happened to them, they will unequivocally tell you "No." They WON'T forget. To forget means that we haven't learned anything. If we don't learn anything from our mistakes, what's to stop us from making them again, and then looking around and wondering why doom is befalling us. AGAIN.

So I'm going to sticky this post. This is a link to Congressman Dennis Kucinich's articles of impeachment of George W. Bush. This is an extensive list containing a thorough run-through of every single impeachable offense taken by the Bush Administration. This article holds not just Bush accountable, but the entire Bush Administration complicit in willful, deliberate, short-sighted, careless and egregious acts of subterfuge, grand larceny, obfuscation, and every other act of political terror you can think of.

This is history. We cannot ignore history.
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This Basket Is Actually Green

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For The Great Justice

The Golden Globes were the saddest thin' I ever saw.

No glitz. No spritz. No glam. Somehow though, I got the feeling the stars themselves were quite happy not to have to go on crash diets to fit into that bedazzled red 1-2 puncher, or to have to wake up early to get their hair done, or to hobble down the carpet in 6 inchers, all the while flashing saccharine grins to mask their truely hassled interior. You think I take actors seriously on these things? It's another freaking show, that's all. The plastic wonder cloud world everyone wants to see. It's a facade! Last night, we witnessed the truth! There is no spoon! When it comes down to it, these awards are basically words on paper. A press conference. Suits and egos. An unwelcome slap in the face from Mr. Reality.

Perhaps I wax too dramatic.

But at any rate, god the Globes sucked. There wasn't really any Globes TO watch. I came in on the last 30 minutes of the Access Hollywood Special and stared in horror at that monstrosity. I'm not sure what was worse, seeing Queen Latifah single-handedly host the People's Choice Awards in front of no people, or what transpired last night. And it was even worse to see who was winning! I'm glad Juno didn't get anything though...I haven't seen it, but I don't like the premise. It's depressing. The actors are great but I find the story so tragic.

And this is what it is, you know? This is what happens when you forsake the people who smooth the butter on your bread. People like to joke that writers are nobody, but you know what, we ARE somebody. In fact, we are MORE than what you see on the screen. We are minds, creating and thinking constantly at millions of thoughts per second. We may not all be geniuses, in fact, some of us have no business writing at all, but the fact is, the STORY begins with us. With a word: FADE IN. And then: EXT. or INT. That is where the magic happens, at a keyboard in a quiet room with a cup of joe nearby. Without us, the billion dollar industry of film would be NOTHING. There would be no one to weave a world in words.

It is profoundly ungrateful a statement it is to say "he's just a writer".

Before man began to entertain himself with pictures that moved, he used the ultimate camera: his own imagination. His voice and his inherent creativity. And please, lets not forget, Shakespeare, the greatest playwright in the western world, was first and foremost a writer.

It is shocking to see how little the mind of the writer is appreciated. Unless of course, the movie is bad, then suddenly, all fingers point to the writer, that speck on the wall, that crushed bug on the windshield that the wipers miss by mere inches.

Shame on Tinsel Town! It's getting everything it deserves. I will not cry for the Awards shows. I will not cry for the dress that Angelina never got to wear. I will not cry for the over-priced, fattening food that never got eaten. I will not cry for Cojo who never got to rip into who was fab and who was gag. I will cry for the underappreciated writers who turn the wheels and start the cogs, whether the big-wigs want to recognize it or not. I will cry for the even MORE underappreicated crew-people, those grossly underpaid slave laborers who bring a set to life. Those who cook and clean and draw and heft and hoist and push and pull and carve. Those who hold the cameras, those who build the fake plastic starships and those that draw their concepts. All hail the cogs in the Tinsel Machine! We see you and and we acknowledge your labors! This machine is broken without you!

In closing, let me ask this: do we, the general fannish public, really realize what we mean when we say "Our heroes are our writers"? Do we really comprehend our slogans, or are we simply joining the fray, since it is the hip thing to do, whilst secretly wishing that the writers would give up already so we can get back to watching our favorite shows?

People, this is a power struggle. The Dark Side vs the Light Side. It's gone beyond our entertainment. This is about recognition. This is about being cut a bigger slice of the pie we helped bake. If shutting down Tinsel Town is what will bring the greedy corporate hogs to their knees, that is what shall be done. Tyranny can never win. That's what Democracy is supposed to be about.
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What I REALLY wish for Christmas is that...

- Jamie Sommers would get her own personality on Bionic Woman.
- Maya and Sylar will hook up. (what? :P)
- Ana, Libby and Eko get resurrected on LOST. I mean ALL of them. (a girl can dream, can't she?)
- Aliens from an advanced humanoid civilization bring a fleet to earth, beam all the US Troops out of Iraq, dematerialize weapons everywhere--even the fake ones, shut down FOX News, place sentient robotic planetary guards on every corner of the planet, and finally bring peace to our corrupt world by reason that the Universe can't handle anymore Neo-Con Right WingNuts.

This was snabbed from kaaatie at some bored moment. Now I've spent far too much time on it, I realize, LOL.

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I did this thinking 'ah, what the hell' which will explain why most of these sound pretty tounge in cheek (although #9 is dead serious after that last BW episode, arghhh.) Around this time of year when people start making lists, me and mom always have our little running joke that consists of a line from a hysterical Calvin & Hobbes strip. Calvin comes to his mom with a zillion page list that consists of various weapons of mass destruction and she stares at her funny little spiky haired son and says, "You're going to be one sad little kid on Christmas Day."

Fortunately, LJ wishlists usually involve the cloak and dagger exchange of music and graphics. Gosh I love the 'net.

My e-mail is cheetamaster9@yahoo.com. I don't want to put any addresses here cuz this is a public post, so just send me an e-mail, anon or whatever, and I'll get back with you. :)

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But I wish of course, most of all, that you ALL have a happy, pleasant, I-Stuffed-Myself-Sick-With-Goodies Holiday.
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Testing, testing...FEIST!

Just trying out Youtube's post to blog feature. If it works, you should get a link to Feist's awesome cover of Nina Simone's "See Line Woman". (of course it's easy enough to copy-past multiple videos to your journay just normally...so I probably won't be using this feature alot, LOL.